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About me

Travel, explore, live and capture the beauty of the world. Sport, travel, landscape photography and short doc.

Past & Present

Independent filmmaker and photographer graduated Master degree at photography department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. Have a one year experience of photography practice in the studio of Martin Vrabko photography – MasterQEP. From his studies until now, his work is focused on social and environmental problems, the development of society and his works reflect these issues.

Doc Works

Co-creator of project The Right Place (film production/movement). Movie The Rights Place:  Sao Miguel was awarded at the International mountain and adventure festival Hory a mesto (the price for Young filmmaker “For the author approach and visualization”). The second documentary from the series The Right Place: Nine Islands shows the importance of particular issues of nowadays through interviews and opinions of the local people who are connected through surfing and the ocean itself. The documentary creates the message that says that we need to take better care of our “home”.  The film was awarded at the International Tourism Film Festival in the Czech Republic (Special mention in "Documentary films with the theme of travels") and was screened on festival and events around the Europe.

People of hope

Between the commercial and his own work, this year co-founded a non-profit organization called People Of Hope. Today, the organization is starting a project Water for Senegal witch main goal is to bring water filters to the area in southern Senegal to provide access to safe and drinkable water to local families.

photo: Hory a mesto '17